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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Car Battery Charger Installation in Perth

February 7, 2023 vrtechseo No Comments

Moving towards a greener and cleaner environment is the priority of many countries around the globe. In an effort to meet their goals, electric vehicles are gaining momentum. Even though they’re convenient and cost-effective, these vehicles require battery installation, which can be tricky for most users.

So, if you have an electric car or are thinking about getting one, this guide will explain how you can install and manage an electric car battery. 

Understanding Electric Car Charging Mechanism

The battery is already maintained and ultimately charged in cars by a built-in mechanism. The alternator, which produces electricity while the engine operates, is responsible for that. This recharges the battery and provides the electrical power needed by the car’s electronic systems.

When a car runs properly, the alternator performs well, keeping the battery charged. But as soon as you turn off the engine, the battery depletes. A car battery self-discharges typically at a rate of roughly 1% per day, though this will vary depending on the season and be lower in the winter and higher in the summer.

This might not seem like much, but keep in mind that starting a car uses a lot of battery power, so you don’t want the level to get too low. One of the main reasons for battery sulphate is deep discharges. Sulphur deposits accumulate over time, reducing the battery’s total capacity.

Electric car battery chargers are beneficial for keeping the batteries in vehicles that aren’t used daily. It ensures that your battery is fully charged before you use it to start the automobile, avoiding deep discharges that could prematurely damage your battery.

Using An Electric Car Charging Point

Utilising a dedicated electric car charging point is the most effective way to install an electric car battery charger at home. A dedicated charging point, a device that connects to the current electrical supply in the home but employs the most recent electric vehicle technology to assure quick, efficient charging across all types of electric cars, is a far superior alternative.

It is crucial to remember that DIY projects are seldom the best option when dealing with residential electrical setups. Any experienced electrician can install a home charging point. So, it’s better to go with them.

Installing an Electric Car Battery Charger in Perth

While having your electric car battery charger installed by the business that made the hardware is frequently quicker and more effective, it is not the only option. Many businesses and individual electricians are pushing to update their learning specifically with electric vehicle charging in mind.

Going with an electrician in Perth who has the required experience makes sense, whether choosing to work with the firm that makes the electric car battery charger or an independent electrician.

Installing a charging station differs from installing a regular outlet. The installer will frequently handle more significant currents, requiring more specialized knowledge of bonding and earthing.

So, it is important to thoroughly investigate the experience of the car charger installation specialist before having a charging point placed at your home.

Can Any Electrician Install a Car Battery Charger in Perth?

Only an experienced electrical contractor should be chosen for any new car charger installation. Both electric car battery chargers at work and those at home must comply with this. 

What is the Cost of Electric Car Battery Charger Installation?

The cost of electric car charger installation depends on a variety of factors. Your installer will likely want to conduct a feasibility study and challenge search as a first step. The cost of the job will be determined by:

  • Electric car charger type
  • Surfaced or buried mounted cable
  • Distance between the consumer unit and charger
  • The capacity of the consumer unit

Service providers such as HQ Electrical & Air appoint an experienced electrician to conduct a site survey because costs can vary. After that, you’ll receive an explanation of the work’s scope, the associated expenses, and a fixed-price estimate.

To Sum Up

For the safety of your home, family, and vehicle, expert installation by an experienced electrician such as HQ Electrical & Air is advised. 

If you want to talk with our experts and install an electric car battery charger in Perth, call us at 0422 400 896 or fill out our contact form.