Got a New Air Conditioner? 5 Tips to Ensure That it Works Perfectly

It goes without saying that you want the best performance possible from your air conditioner. After all, it is the central cooling system for your entire home; and with energy prices soaring like they are, it makes no sense to skimp when it comes to cooling your home or office – particularly in areas prone to extreme heat and unbearable humidity. 

According to popular statistics, 63% of Australians use their air conditioner during the warmer months and keep them running for 6.3 hours per day on average. 6.3 hours daily is quite a lot and your air conditioner needs to be properly maintained to beat the sweltering heat for this long. 

Home air conditioner maintenance is vital for energy-saving continuous use. It increases their life, reduces electricity bills, and prevents repair or replacement costs. 

Before diving head-on into an uncomfortably humid summer, here are some air conditioner maintenance tips to ensure your brand-new AC runs smoothly. 

  • Unblock and Vacuum Vents

This is one of the best air conditioner care tips to boost the air conditioner’s efficiency. You must clean the vents from dust and debris. Take some time and check the vents of your air conditioner. It is essential to maintain a steady airflow. Even if your air conditioner is cleaned regularly, grime, dirt, dust, and other gunk can build up when it goes unchecked. 

Make sure to do a thorough check on the vents. Before cleaning, double-check your AC is turned off as you don’t want yourself to be electrocuted. 

  • Clean the Condenser Unit Outside

An outdoor unit, if cleaned properly, can make the air conditioner efficient. The outdoor unit is exposed to dust all year, and it is mandatory to give it a proper cleaning every year. If it is not cleaned on time, it can cause irreversible damage.  

Cleaning the condenser can be a tricky task. In case you find it a bit challenging, you can always air conditioning experts in Perth. They will come to your home, check the outdoor unit and clean it thoroughly to boost the efficiency of your AC. 

  • Keep the Heat-Producing Appliance Away From The Thermostat

The thermostat location plays a huge role in its overall efficiency. Suppose it is installed in the hot part of your home or office, such as on sunny windows, lamps, or appliances. Then it may not work the way it is expected to.  

Before installation of your air conditioner, ask the air conditioning installation expert in  Hillary to thoroughly check the area where the air conditioner is to be installed. If it is exposed to heat for extended hours, then it is not suitable.  

The right place can simply improve air conditioner performance. Even if you place an AC in a hot place, it will surely cost you much in the long run because it will impact the air conditioner performance overall. 

  • Insulate Exposed Ductwork

If you find any crawlspace or exposed ductwork in your attic, it is because of leaking. It is not good because these parts of your house are unconditioned.  

Even if you detect such an issue, you will not be able to handle it on your own. You must take professional help to fix it. Contact the air conditioning repair experts in City Beach and they’ll take care of the rest. 

Fixing the leakage and properly insulating the exposed ductwork can make your air conditioner work perfectly, and this is something you shouldn’t ignore regarding air conditioner maintenance.  

  • Clean the drain line

Not many of us know about drain line cleaning, but it is an essential part that needs to be cleaned timely for better air conditioner performance and improved airflow. The drain is located next to the system indoor cooling coil. Mostly it is located over the furnace in the basement.  

You can clean it by pouring a cup of chlorine bleach down the AC drain and then rinsing it with water. Make sure to keep it clean regularly, mostly in the summer season. Once the drain is clear, it ensures no water-related issue will occur. A blocked drain can cause serious problems and impact air conditioner efficiency.  

Seek professional help to clean the drain line more often. It will keep your air conditioner working perfectly well and for a longer time.  

Improve your Air Conditioner Efficacy

Now you know that by adopting a few easy air conditioner maintenance tips, you can improve its efficiency. A timely clean and check-up will save a lot of money and keep the air conditioner working well for a long time. 

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