Real Estate and Property Management

RCD and Smoke Alarm compliance certificate

Whether selling or renting your property, one of the first things you ensure is that the required RCDs and smoke alarms work and are compliant. Hence, you need an electrical safety certificate for RCD and smoke alarm compliance. 

In fact, it is now a legal requirement that you have an electrical safety certificate completed by a licensed electrician to confirm that all electrical work carried out at your property has been tested and goes with government standards and building code.  

Electrical Maintenance

When it comes to electrical maintenance services, you can count on HQ Electrical & Air, since we are industry experts in preventative and corrective electrical maintenance and repair methods. 

We’ve devised our maintenance division around the needs of our clients over the years, and with our highly-experienced team, we can ensure timely, careful, and high-quality services. Our electrical maintenance services cover all parts of your electrical framework, and you don’t have to worry about disrupting your business’s operations.  

Air-conditioning Servicing

For all of your air conditioning installation needs, look no further than HQ Electrical & Air. We’re one of the top air conditioning servicing experts in Perth and committed to offering an efficient, high-quality service that keeps your air conditioner functioning at its peak performance. 

Our certified in-house specialists can handle all your air conditioning needs, whether you need ducted air conditioning or a split system air conditioner installed, repaired, or maintained in Perth. We are experts in commercial, residential, and other properties’ air conditioning, so get a quality AC service today!